Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation Team with BZT Trustee Robert Napier

who is bzt?

Baynards Zambia Trust (BZT) was founded in 1997, and the funds it raises in the UK support a series of specially selected long-term projects in Zambia – all of which aim to help poor and isolated rural communities become self-sufficient.

BZT has no paid staff. The charity is run by a group of Trustees who meet all UK administration costs and travel costs to Zambia – so that every penny raised is sent to Zambia.

BZT Trustees know Zambia well. They visit the country regularly, and the charity only supports projects they have personally visited. Every prospective project is judged on the basis of their own experience of development work.

BZT works with The Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF), a national non-governmental organisation based in Masansa in Mkushi District where the projects are based. Together, we identify, select and manage individual activities. The projects supported by BZT include:

- schools, improving access to education
- HIV and AIDS programmes
- village banks
- sustainable agriculture
- community capacity building

All the projects have direct community involvement and are designed to become self supporting.

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Brandy Mungaila ZRDF Director examining soya bean harvest