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BZT’s objective is to provide the means for Zambians living in very isolated rural areas to help themselves to be released from the shackles of poverty.
Boole Youth Day Celebration draws a big crowd! 
March 2020

Social behavioural change was taught to the youths and some of the adults who attended the football event as it is a big crowd puller. Condom use and abstinence from sex were advocated by the HIV/AIDS Programmes Officer.

Boole, Lwanshya and Kaundula all gathered in Boole to have a football tournament. Attendance was 490 with a majority of youths. - Shatulo Chikumbe - Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes Officer - ZRDF.

100% of your donation goes directly to projects in Zambia.

The work of BZT is dependent upon the generosity of many different donors. We are extremely grateful to the many friends, supporters, legators, companies and trusts who have invested in providing this vital co-operation for community projects in Zambia.


Kamimbya and Mitwe Primary Schools have been very busy on the vegetable growing front.  Kamimbya is growing green beans, onion, ockra and carrots. Mitwe is growing all that Kamimbya is growing with an addition of egg plants, tomatoes and rape. Great skills being learned by the Farmers of the future.

Bumper crop report  at Kamimbya and Mitwe schools!
Chibombo's New School! -
Progress Report.

The Community of Chibombo are working hard to produce blocks which will be used in the new school build thereby keeping costs down and helping to minimise the builds carbon footprint.

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