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Baynards Zambia Trust donors have been kept in touch over the past few months regarding the exciting developments which have lead to BZT handing over their partnership with ZRDF to Ripple Effect International, a UK charity formerly Send a Cow, on January 1st 2023.

Over the past 25 years BZT's funding activities have remitted approximately £4 million of donations to ZRDF since its inception in 2012. This support has enabled much of the incredible work that has been done with 18 communities in the isolated rural areas where they work.

BZT is very confident that this new partnership between Ripple Effect and ZRDF will ensure the continued growth of the activities which make such an enormous difference to the prospects of people people living in abject poverty. Ripple Effects' activities and values are in alignment with BZT and ZRDF and therefore with their vast experience in six African Countries including Zambia, will guarantee this vital work will continue and grow. This is a very exciting development for ZRDF, and the director Brandy Mungaila and his team.


BZT would like to thank our many supporters over the years, and are immensely proud of ZRDF's achievements which could not have been possible without their commitment. With the closure of BZT on the 31st of December, donors old and new who are willing to continue to support ZRDF may now do so via 'Ripple Effect' at

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