Head Teachers Meeting - Masansa

11th & 13th May 2020

The activity took place on 11th and 13th May, 2020 in Masansa and the coordinator was the EPO.


The meeting was divided into two groups of 9 head teachers because of COVID-19. Social distance and other measures were observed. Climate change, family planning and menstrual hygiene were all covered during the meetings.


The meeting was on how sports and games were to be conducted once schools open in June.


All the measures given by the Ministry of Health would be observed, agreed all the teachers.


Awards are to be given once schools open.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

14th May 2020

Chibombo Build Activity

On going construction works in Chibombo for the 1x3 CRB is at wall plate level.


In one of the videos, you will see Chibombo community members transporting bricks onsite for the completion of 1x3 classroom block as part of their 25% material contribution.


In another video, a message from the Chibombo PTA chairperson was given to thank ZRDF and all the donors for supporting the community.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

Luanshya, Masense & Chibombo - The Goats and the bees! 
12th/13th/14th May 2020

ZRDF staff (HIVPO, LFSPO and SILCPO) were accompanied by two people from the forestry department and one lady from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock under the Veterinary Department.


A focus group discussion was conducted on what diseases goats are likely to have and the following were the answers:

1. Coughing

2. Blindness

3. Madness

4. Lumpy skin

5. Diarrhoea

6. Shakey legs

They were given treatment advice for the goats with such conditions.


The vet advised the farmers that a Male goat can only 'service' 20 Female goats - more than 20 becomes a challenge, so more Male goats are required. Dipping of goats was also encouraged.

LFSPO discussed with farmers on market research and linkages and encouraged to go for bulk marketing for purposes of bargaining power.


The officer from Department of forestry told the community members that bees would be captured because of trees. He emphasised the fact that the selling of honey can realise a lot of profit for the community members and market is readily available.

Entrepreneurship with SILC groups was also conducted to help community members understand their businesses better and sharing key strategies to successful business. This was facilitated by SILCPO.

Menstrual hygiene, climate change, COVID-19 and family planning were all talked about by the ZRDF staff who were present.

Masense Community

8th May 2020

Identication of women to start goat keeping was done. 50 women were formed the producer group for goat keeping.


Family planning, menstrual hygiene and COVID-19 were well presented to the people by HIVPO.


This activity was a continuation of the series of activities which happened last week.



Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

Chibombo Activity

7th May 2020

This activity had an attendance of 47 Chibombo community members. The following were the activities done;

1. Formation of producer groups goat keeping

2. Feasibility study with forestry department

3. SILC methodology orientation

4. Focus group discussion on menstrual health, family planning and HIV/AIDS

5. Monitoring of the construction of teacher's houses and a Classroom block (CRB)


A producer group for goat keeping was formed by LFSPO with women only and 50 women were identified.

The feasibility study was for beekeeping as will be seen in the video.

SILCPO taught the community about SILC methodology stressing emphasis on constitution-making, being led by an executive, and chose people they trust to be in their SILCs.

The views on family planning and menstrual hygiene were positive though there was a need to break the barrier of social norms and beliefs. The topic of menstrual hygiene was quite new to be discussed in public.


ZRDF staff (SPO, SILCPO and HIVPO) presented on COVID-19 and the measures to take not to contract the pandemic affecting the entire world.


The houses for teachers are been plastered outside as they are done with the inside. Toilets have been completed. The CRB is at ring beam level.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

COVID-19 awareness and financial linkage meeting

6th May 2020

The purpose of the meeting with SILC Agents (FAs & PSPs), was to equip them with the know-how on COVID-19 and how SILC activities are to be conducted during this pandemic.

All were supported with Hand sanitizers, face masks and soaps which they'll be using during their work on SILCs. It was emphasized that SILCs should apply the measures of COVID-19 during their saving meetings. The following was agreed on: 1. There should always be running water and soap

2. Maintain minimum of one to two metres apart

3. SILCs to avoid movements during this pandemic

4. All SILCs to wear masks duirng their meetings

5. All SILCs to observe meeting time of an hour It was further emphasized that there was need to open mobile accounts in order conduct savings digitally.

During the same meeting ZANACO emphasized on the need to open accounts so that the risk of keeping funds during this pandemic can be reduced. 17 SILCs submitted forms for account opening with ZANACO. FAs & PSPs were told that they should conduct their activities in individual SILCs so that the minimum number of people is observed.


In the afternoon, another activity took place in Masansa where a SILC group mainly comprised of marketeers was sensitised on COVID-19, menstrual hygiene and family planning.


The District Nursing Officer (Mrs. Musonda) talked about the importance of family planning being reduced maternal deaths and improved health of a family. She encouraged men to allow their women to take up different methods of family planning available.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

Introduction of SILC methodology in Luanshya

5th May 2020

ZRDF was accompanied by the District Health Planner (Mr. Ngandwe), Forestry department representative (Mr. Mwansa) and District Environmental Technologist (Mr. Kasuba).

Mr. Kasuba and Mr. Ngandwe gave emphasis on COVID-19 by describing what it is, how it is spread, and that it can be very severe even leading to death. He gave the signs and symptoms such as; fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, headache, sneezing and sore throat.

HIVPO and SILCPO then started talking about family planning and its importance to all households in Luanshya. He then went on to talk about menstrual hygiene and how if they started making reusable pads, school dropouts and absenteeism from girl children would reduce.

Mr Mwansa talked about how to preserve the environment by planting trees which will help beehives to be filled with bees and hence farmers having more income and nutritional benefits from honey.

The SILCPO then introduced the SILC methodology to the community members who were present. He emphasised on SILCs choosing members on their own with about 15 to 30 members. They were told that they needed a constitution to run the savings groups and that an executive needed to be formed comprising of a chairperson, secretary, money counters and treasurer. Field agents needed to be trained to help the SILCs in Luanshya.

The community mobilised construction materials;

1. 50 tonnes of building sand

2. 40 tonnes of stones

3. 3 tonnes of river sand

Pan bricks are yet to be made and building will be commenced in June.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe