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Mr and Mrs Given and Mercy Hamuntanga, aged 42 and 39 have 8 children and migrated from Southern Province 8 years ago looking for more land. A friend directed them to Boole. Several of their families have since joined them. They have both enrolled in the adult classes. Neither finished their schooling. They are currently in the intermediate class, grade 5-7 at Boole.  Mr Hamuntanga brought 8 cattle with him from his home area and has since purchased another 24. He is an emerging farmer, cultivating more than 9 hectares. He hires a truck to take his maize to sell in Lusaka and wants to be able to communicate better with the traders, as much of Zambia requires English. His wife Mercy wants to help her children with homework and when a child is unwell, medical personnel often speak in English and this causes problems for her. 

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