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March 2020 -  Chibombo's New School - Brick production progressing well!

The community have been moulding thousands of blocks for the construction of the new classroom block. The chief's advisor encouraged community members to work even harder for the betterment of their community. This commitment from the community is an important part of the development of the school and accompanying buildings and because the materials are being produced on-site, it keeps the cost of the project down, not having materials being transported from outside the region which in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the project - an important consideration in a world where caring for the environment is of paramount importance.
The community members are working hard for the blocks to be ready and are thankful to ZRDF, BZT and Big Give for the support.

February 2020 - First of 75,000 Bricks produced for Chibombo's New School! 

The latest community to be supported by the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF) – Chibombo,  is welcoming the very first steps of a building project as materials are being mobilized for the construction of a three classroom block.


A representative of the regional chief thanked ZRDF and its partner organization - Baynard’s Zambia Trust (BZT) for facilitating the opportunity to have a school. BZT which is based in the UK, raised the funds required for the build which will also include teacher’s houses, toilets and handwashing facilities, with a campaign in December supported by ‘The Big Give’ – a UK initiative where public donations are doubled.

BZT’s Chairman, Patricia Napier said “We are delighted to have been able to implement this project to provide Chibombo’s population of 5,000 people with a school for the children of the community. To date, we have programmes in 15 communities in the area which have very much improved the lives of the communities who are given the opportunity to gain a level of sustainability in terms of self-governance due to improved educational resources, support in agriculture, HIV and AIDS education and support and women’s village banks training.”


Chibombo is one of three new communities that ZRDF are supporting with a combined population of around 12,300 that will benefit from their initiatives.  The community themselves play a big part in the build and even with the rainy season taken into consideration are committed to having the 75,000 bricks needed, cured by the end of February.  Keep up to date with the progress of the build as it happens by following the ZRDF and BZT social media feeds.