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Pupil's at  at Kalungaleka School 

Building the future for young Zambians

Gravery Chipa is 15 years old and the second of five children. Her father abandoned the family and Gravery was sent to live with her grandmother to help with housework as her mother couldn’t afford to keep her.

Gravery passed the secondary school entrance exam and has a BZT bursary which covers her fees and helps with boarding expenses. She stays at school during the holidays to do extra classes for the next public exam as she is very keen to continue her education. Her elder sister left school as there was no money to pay fees and was married at a very young age.

Gravery wants something better in life. “I am very grateful for the support. If it was not for BZT I would have been married off and would have stopped school without reaching the level I am now”.


Cynthia is 16 and is in Grade 9, the second year of her secondary education. She attends Nshinsu School where she is captain of netball and Head of School.

She is a weekly boarder and every Friday she has a three-hour walk home. At the weekend Cynthia helps with sweeping, cooking and fetching water. She also washes clothes down on the local riverbank. Then, on Sunday afternoons, she returns to school carrying the week’s supply of food (children in rural boarding schools provide and cook their own food each day).

Cynthia shares a 6ft x 12ft dormitory with six other girls, who sleep together on just three mattresses. They store their possessions in a tiny space. She doesn’t enjoy boarding because it’s so crowded. Her dream would be a bigger boarding house with electricity and some furniture – a proper bed and a small locker to keep her possessions and books safely. BZT, ZRDF and the Nshinso community thus decided to build a forty bedded dormitory block including ablutions and a kitchen. In 2012, the community prepared their 25% contribution in the form of fired bricks, crushed stones and river sand and in 2013 BZT funded the remaining costs and the building was completed and in use in January 2014. Cynthia is now a very happy girl!

Gravery Chipa

Cynthia Kalunga