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Support from SILC helps Hamwala to give her Children an education.

Hamwala Muleza - a 29-year-old of Kampelembe community, has been saving since 2019. Her passion to improve the livelihood of the family made her join SILC. With K1000 she got from share out, she managed to buy a goat and 4 chickens for her 2 children, a goat and Chicken was K200 and K40 each respectively. With this, she said that it would help her in paying for her children to go to school.  SILC has enabled her to sustain her business of selling scones and fresh fish. In future, she wants to buy cattle for her children.


Muleza is a new SILC member. She has already started to make money by taking out a loan and having a small business. In addition to profits, she received a dividend at the end of the year’s cycle (share out) and has bought a goat. In time, she will build up a herd and sell on to others. Maureen has made a good start, has developed confidence and clearly has the vision and potential to progress further and become a businesswomen and provide more for her family.

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