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Chibanga School, before and after


Before and After Chibanga School

BZT, founded in 1997, raises funds in the UK to support our Zambian delivery partner, the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF). BZT and ZRDF work to empower communities to tackle issues of very low incomes and poor access to education and to healthcare. ZRDF is BZT’s only beneficiary.


ZRDF operates in a very isolated rural area of Zambia, working with local communities to empower them to tackle issues of very low incomes, food security and poor access to education and healthcare. The map on this web site illustrates the location of the 18 communities which have an estimated total population of 90,000 in an area of some 12,000 square Kilometers.


In a holistic approach, new classroom blocks and teachers’ houses are built to unlock the Government funding for the provision of trained teachers. Incomes are raised through crop diversification and through the establishment of village banks and the health of the population is improved by HIV and AIDS education and testing.


The heart of BZT/ ZRDF’s purpose and mission is to raise these individuals out of poverty providing a sustainable, self-sufficient future for communities and addressing the huge inequality in living standards. ZRDF has a focus on individuals who are vulnerable but viable.

Successful Zambian Harvest

Edris Bulundu - Soya Farmer celebrating a successful harvest

Women's SILC Group

Women’s SILC Group

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