Plans have been developed by the partnership of the communities and ZRDF for the new three year programme 2020/22: "Innovation and Enhancement" which include:


  • Providing solar electric power to rural community schools which will serve as digital hubs

  • School pupils experiencing the digital world for the first time.

  • Technology supporting more farmers moving beyond subsistence level 

  • Improving levels of nutrition

  • Delivering financial services to these rural areas to improve financial literacy and inclusion for example using mobile phones and access to banking

  • ZRDF working with partners in supporting initiatives for the mitigation of climate change

  • Menstrual health provision for school girls and women in family planning


The holistic approach will be enhanced by greater engagement of women and young people in income generating activities. The number of beneficiaries is being increased by geographical extension to support three new communities. 


Farming support

HIV Counselling